Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let the Different Types of T-shirts Be the Current Clothing Ensemble for You

Summer, spring or winter, a t-shirt is that one piece of clothing that every man literally swears by. Though immediately considered as casual style, some tees are worn especially for a grunge look, while others are good to go with any formal wear. Here are some different styles rounded up for your knowledge.

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Long line tees for a hippie look

Long line t-shirts have become one of the favorites since its inception in the market only a few years ago. With the hemlines dropping near the dress length lows while a bit oversized in terms of fit these have completely replaced the modest crewneck and made a special place amongst the style savvy. So if you are heading to a music concert of your favorite rock band, team up a basic grey tee with slim-fit denim jeans or chinos and a bomber jacket in black or a crop t-shirt for a lightweight layering. To buy mens clothes online you can visit a reputed website that offers several options at affordable prices.

Short sleeves to match every outfit

Whether you are going out for office or a short trip to the beachside, a short sleeve shirt in neutral color like black, white and grey can literally take you places from formal to informal. You can wear the same white t-shirt for the office as well as gym that you have recently bought from the best online mens clothing store, if you team it with a tailored-fit trousers or jeans and shorts respectively.

Classic white crew-cut

A white crew-neck t-shirt is a classic timeless piece of clothing that can be worn in numerous ways both for formal and informal occasions. While some like to mix and match with white tee, navy blazer and blue denim, others prefer the minimalistic yet experimental all white look, keeping everything from the shirt to pants to blazer in the same color only with exception of a pair of black canvas sneakers. If you like this particular style, you can buy some of them from a mens clothes online site by browsing through their large inventory.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

5 Kinds Different Sleeved T-Shirts Upping Your Swag Level in Gym

Men hit the gyms for two particular reasons- to bulk their chicken arms and to get the ladies. Okay, the later one might not be one of the popular statements, but it’s a fact…. in most cases. But regardless, the point is you don’t necessarily have to go for the workout sessions in the most un-stylish way possible. There are many varieties of half and full sleeve t shirts online out there which are chic in a not-over-the-top kind of way. So while sweating over lifts, you look casually stylish and turn heads of all the women there. And maybe end with a date, if you’re smooth.
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Here are five varieties of must-haves trendy buy tank tops that you should definitely buy today… or tomorrow, but buy you must!

Five must-buy t-shirts for the gym hitters

V-necks grey tees- What better to represent your macho-esque attitude, regardless your tiny knees and arms, than the color that symbolize un-emotion, neutrality and mystery- grey? Bet on it, grey t-shirts are charmer in gyms; and with v-necks and paneling on the chest pocket, they are the win-win.

Striped grey half-sleeved- Single (or solid) colored tees are of course the foremost choice for the gym-goers, but when someone is getting something as amazing as these dark grey-whitish grey striped t-shirts, one simple can’t resist, can they? This tee, thanks to its magical colors and pattern would look perfect on nearly every kind of bottom.

Glow Yellow full-sleeved- Ditch the conventions and head out to gym with bold colored tees like this one- Glow yellow full-sleeved t-shirts. You will definitely catch people attentions and, if carried properly with the right pair of shoes and bottoms, you will come to be hailed for your styling dare and sense.

Dual-colored Polo t-shirts- Polo t-shirts has come a long way- from being that casual Hawaiian-type wear to becoming the fashion statement maker. Dual-colored polo t-shirts, preferably any dark color and white, will outstand you from the bunch of ‘tee-boys’ as a man.

Black and White tank- Tank tees could be a tricky thing for the no-tattooed stick-width arm-people. If you have good muscles, they can up your swag to new levels. Root for either black or whites one; no fancy and multi-colored ones.

With these five no-sleeved, half-sleeved and full sleeve t shirts for men online, you are sure to excel in the fashion world… of gyms.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stylish Ways to Dress Up In a Blank Full Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are a casual tee-trousers person, then why not replace your usual tees with full sleeved blank tees in different colors? Not only they add panache to your persona, but also offers a mist-magic wardrobe solution. The newfangled assortment of full sleeves t shirts for women crafted by the global designers vouch for one’s comfort and also can act as great styling options in a number of ways. Wondering how a blank tee can be your companion for different occasions? Here are few tips for you:
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Romantic date scenes

Trash your girly dresses for a while and render a charming edge to your style quotient with something off-beat. Bank on a jet black blank long sleeve tee and wear it under a mid length red sleeve-less dress. The sleek tight fitted dress can be enhanced with an added twist this way, paired with tight stockings!

On a shopping spree?

If you are out for shopping with your friends and want to sport a casual look , then nothing can work better than a tee and shorts, isn’t it? Just do it differently this time by donning a pink full sleeved tee with denim tattered shorts and put a white translucent loose-fitted tank top over it! Thus, while you are looking to buy full sleeve t shirts online, make sure you go for various color options.

9-5 business affairs

Being tired of your regular strict formal attires, try out something semi-formal on a Friday. This becomes effortlessly simple with a neutral shaded full sleeved blank tee over a plaid shirt with poise and the cotton chinos with ankle boots enhance the overall stance with ease.

Elegant cocktail parties

It is time to ditch your flowing cocktail dresses and add some out-of-the box appeal to your dressing style. While buying buy full sleeves t-shirts online, add something tight-fitted to your shopping cart to style up beautifully for the next cocktail party. Tuck it in with a ruffled knee-length skirt , with a broad belt and a printed silken camisole over it for the perfect evening flavour, with gracefulness!

Boho-chic for all the crazy photo-shoots

Planned a fun day with your girls for amazing clicks ? Flaunt a hippie or boho-chic get up without any hassle. All you need is to layer a white lacy peasant top over a long white tee sleeve, paired with a wide-bottomed jeans, beige wedges , and an embellished headband!

Now with the above mentioned ideas of styling a blank full sleeve t-shirt for women, you can get the desired look to die for!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Trend of Wearing Camisoles Is Redefined With Effective Styling Tips

The camisoles, once related with underwear to be put up under a woman's top, has got a new spin and emerged as single top wearing fashion amongst today's generation. Women are more and more incorporating them into their wardrobes by working them in various ways, teaming up with skirts or covering under see-through t-shirts. Here a few styling ideas are mentioned for your use based on your different purposes.

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Hang-out with the girls
When your friends call you for a sudden plan to hang-out at a coffee shop, it might seem impossible for you to rummage through your wardrobe to find a nice dress. So a plain white camisole top can come to your rescue if you pair it up with dark denim jeans or high-waist black dressy pants. 

Going for a date
To say that you like your little black dress or white crisp cotton shirt for going out on a date will definitely appear cliched and thus boring and experimental. So take a step ahead and buy some camisoles online in neutral colors like black, white, grey and baby pink and match one, for instance a white top with blue ripped denim jeans and a light jacket in black. To take glam quotient higher do not forget your black booties and classy handbag. 

Boho chic for a movie plan
If you are planning a movie date with your special person, then wearing a white camisole with fringes at the hemline, paired up with dark wash blue denim will add to your boho chic look. You can also wear a statement neckpiece and spice up the entire outfit. To get them in different colors like red, yellow and blue as well as different designs like sequins, embroideries and ruffles, you can go to any camisole online shopping site and choose the one that appeal to your eyes.

On a shopping spree
Shopping becomes fun when you are most comfortable with your clothes and in this context a camisole online top in floral motifs with black leggings, a black lacy coat and a chunk neckpiece comes first in mind as it offers soft texture to the skin and an overall lightweight feel.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

How Can You Pep Up a Blank White Half Sleeves Women T-Shirt

Whether you are in a mood to dress up or not, a few blank half sleeves t-shirts can definitely save your day. No, this time it is not about putting on a pair of denim and a white tee and channeling a casual vibe, but going glamorous all the way. Now if the question" What should I wear with this" is hovering in your mind, then the following styling tips are just meant for you.
Blue simple half sleeve tee

Keep it minimal

Have plain white half sleeves tee? Checked. A black leather skirt? Checked. Pointy heels in plum color? Checked. Being a minimalist does not mean you cannot look fashionable. Bring all of them together and look no less than a model without much effort.

Go classic

Love the classic combination of black and white? Why wait? Buy blank half sleeve t-shirt for women online and pair it every alternate day with black leather pants, trousers or skirt and a black leather jacket or blazer. For an added swag do not forget your black high boots and hat.

Match with fun and colorful lowers

If you have recently bought a blank half sleeve t-shirt for women and thinking of wearing it with your same old denim blue jeans, then you should definitely read this point. Your white tee will appear best with colorful pants or skirts. For instance you can team it up with a mellow yellow chino pants or a green sequinned skirt, depending on your mood and occasion.

Forget casual, be dramatic

Do you like to create buzz with your unique fashion sense? Then pairing up a blood red maxi skirt with a simple white colored short sleeves t-shirt and red rimmed sunglasses will help you a lot.

For tailored look

A perfectly tailored trousers and blazer in ocean blue will go impeccably well with a plain white tee. Now get your black hand bag and ankle strap booties and be ready to turn heads even at your work place.
Besides white, you can choose various colors like yellow, red and blue and experiment all these looks. Now to buy blank half sleeve t-shirt for women online, you can visit any reputed shopping website and check out their collection at your leisure.