Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stylish Ways to Dress Up In a Blank Full Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are a casual tee-trousers person, then why not replace your usual tees with full sleeved blank tees in different colors? Not only they add panache to your persona, but also offers a mist-magic wardrobe solution. The newfangled assortment of full sleeves t shirts for women crafted by the global designers vouch for one’s comfort and also can act as great styling options in a number of ways. Wondering how a blank tee can be your companion for different occasions? Here are few tips for you:
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Romantic date scenes

Trash your girly dresses for a while and render a charming edge to your style quotient with something off-beat. Bank on a jet black blank long sleeve tee and wear it under a mid length red sleeve-less dress. The sleek tight fitted dress can be enhanced with an added twist this way, paired with tight stockings!

On a shopping spree?

If you are out for shopping with your friends and want to sport a casual look , then nothing can work better than a tee and shorts, isn’t it? Just do it differently this time by donning a pink full sleeved tee with denim tattered shorts and put a white translucent loose-fitted tank top over it! Thus, while you are looking to buy full sleeve t shirts online, make sure you go for various color options.

9-5 business affairs

Being tired of your regular strict formal attires, try out something semi-formal on a Friday. This becomes effortlessly simple with a neutral shaded full sleeved blank tee over a plaid shirt with poise and the cotton chinos with ankle boots enhance the overall stance with ease.

Elegant cocktail parties

It is time to ditch your flowing cocktail dresses and add some out-of-the box appeal to your dressing style. While buying buy full sleeves t-shirts online, add something tight-fitted to your shopping cart to style up beautifully for the next cocktail party. Tuck it in with a ruffled knee-length skirt , with a broad belt and a printed silken camisole over it for the perfect evening flavour, with gracefulness!

Boho-chic for all the crazy photo-shoots

Planned a fun day with your girls for amazing clicks ? Flaunt a hippie or boho-chic get up without any hassle. All you need is to layer a white lacy peasant top over a long white tee sleeve, paired with a wide-bottomed jeans, beige wedges , and an embellished headband!

Now with the above mentioned ideas of styling a blank full sleeve t-shirt for women, you can get the desired look to die for!

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