Thursday, July 14, 2016

The peppy-stunning Fitness Clothes Ideas to steal from the Gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio

Apart from walking the red carpet in gowns, or the public appearances in the chic dresses, the celebs are generally witnessed in eye catching fitness clothes today, carrying the popular athleisure trend. Talking about this, one of the celebs who is creating a stir in the global fashion scene in simple active-wear outfits has to be the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, lending plenty of athletic dressing inspirations. A little motivation to the fitness freaks and a lot of confidence to the fashion forward women, she has been an iconic epitome of haute-couture style definition.

Fitness Clothes Ideas

With the leading fitness clothing stores stacking up their stocks with the practical and beautiful outfits, you too can get the sporty looks quote effortlessly.

To help you with her looks, we will offer you some of the most stunning style quotients which she sported.

Sexy sheer paneled leotard:
She was recently witnessed in a sleek and hot look wearing a leotard in grey and black, with deep neckline, equipped with a deep neckline cut. The revealing outfit made a lot of sense owing to the silhouette it channelized, and this lady completely rocked it with minimal accessories and a top knot hairstyle.

Funky short sleeved sweatshirt:
We have all been doing the boring and usual long sleeve hooded sweatshirts, but Alessandra made a difference in her attire wearing a short sleeved sweatshirt, teamed with a capri tight for completely unique ensemble.

Preppy graphics:
She made sure to infuse the highly in-craze graphics to her style statement. Thus, keeping this in mind, she sported a preppy look with a graphic sweatshirt and a cropped legging , reflecting a playful poise.

Cropped it up: Have you ever imagined of doing the crop tops found at the nearest fitness clothes outlet for your gym session? She excelled in this style ideas and pumped up her fashion statement with a plain white crop top teamed with a high waisted colorfully printed tight pant.

The unitards with oomph Yes, unitards can b worn to the gym with ease , and this has been well prove by Alessandra. She was spotted to confidently walk down the street wearing a tank top with a unitard , keeping a balance with the prints of the unitard and the black color of the tank.

Futuristic vibes with cosmic pants:
Seems she loves colors and loud prints and hence a lot of times she was seen flaunting a happy ensemble wearing a simple grey tank top with a blue and white cosmic pant for a smart and edgy look. Thus, if you too are looking forward to having the best fitness clothes of this season, make sure to keep Alessandra as the style idol.

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